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General Code of Conduct

Randolph Little League is a recreational baseball and softball program. We all need to be reminded from time to time that our main goal as fans, parents, managers, and coaches is to ensure the players have a safe and fun environment where they can learn and grow. There will be plenty of time for competitive baseball and softball in travel ball, high school, and beyond…

With that in mind, Randolph Little League has zero tolerance for harmful or negative behavior. We EXPECT all fans, parents, managers, and coaches to set a good example for those around them, teams, and players alike. Below outlines the expectations set forth by Little League and Randolph Little League, and how Randolph Little League will address behavior that is not in line with the values of Little League and Randolph Little League.

“Little League is and will always be a place where all races, genders, backgrounds, and ethnicities come together and are welcomed to play ball and grow together. There is no place for racism, hate, and violence in this world and that certainly includes on Little League® fields in every community.”

It is not realistic to expect Randolph Little League to always have a board member present or on duty to monitor the behavior of fans, parents, managers, and coaches. It is EXPECTED that all adults conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates what it means to be an upstanding member of the Randolph Little League community. If a board member is present, this person has final say on all infractions and behaviors of anyone outside of the fences. One warning may be given depending on the severity of the infraction and behavior. If after a warning, the infraction and behavior continues, the offender will be removed from the game or park.

Our umpires have the final call on the field. The only people on the field that are allowed to argue a call by the umpire are team managers or coaches. The umpire(s) will deal with the infraction and behavior of anyone within the fences. If there are issues outside the fence, the umpire(s) will ask the team manager to deal with the issue unless a board member is present.

No Fan, Parent, Player, Team Manager, Coach, or Board Member shall:
At any time: Lay a hand upon, push, shove, strike, and feint to throw or threaten any individual.
At any time: Threaten, use violence, unfriendly language, racial slurs, or insults towards any individual.
At any time: Heap personal verbal or physical abuse upon any official or umpire for any real or imaginary belief of wrong    decisions or judgment.
At any time: Demonstrate objection of an official or umpire decision by throwing gloves, helmets, hats, bats, balls, or any other forceful unsportsmanlike action.
At any time: Use unnecessarily rough tactics in the play of a game and/or against the body of an opposing player.
At any time: Physically attack any board member, umpire, manager, coach, player or spectator.
At any time: Use of profane, obscene or vulgar language in any manner.
At any time: Appear on the field of play, in the stands, or anywhere in the Field of Dreams Complex while in an intoxicated state. "Intoxicated" will be defined as an odor of alcohol on one's breath or clothing.
At any time: Gamble upon any play or outcome of any game with anyone at any time.
At any time: Smoke anywhere on the premises. Little League International and the City of Tucson prohibit all forms of smoking within the park boundaries.
At any time: Discuss publicly with spectators in a derogatory or abusive manner any play, decision, or personal opinion leveled at any player during the game.
At any time: Speak disrespectfully to any fan, parent, manager, coach, official or representative of the Randolph Little League.
At any time: Tamper or manipulate any of the league rosters, schedules, draft positions or selections, official score books, pitch count records, rankings, financial records, or procedures.
At any time: Challenge the umpire's authority. Umpires shall have the authority and discretion during a game to discipline anyone according to Little League rules up to and including removal from the game or park.

I also agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I will be subject to disciplinary action levied by the Randolph Little League Board or Code of Conduct Committee that could include, but is not limited to the following:

 • Verbal Warning
 • Written Warning
 • Season suspension
 • Suspension for games
 • Removal from all league activities

The Randolph Little League Board retains the sole authority to determine what, if any, disciplinary action is appropriate for any conduct infraction.

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